Writing Resume

My writing experience in SL goes back to the long gone SLNN (Second Life News Network). I was also a writer for Ewing Fashion Agency and was one of the founders of the Focus Fashion Agency where I had a weekly column in our blog called Shopwatch.

When I moved to the Independent State of Caledon, I joined the Caledon Strand Magazine as a journalist where I wrote about travelling, Cooking Recipes, Relay For Life of Second Life… I really enjoyed working with Mrs. Alexx Mcglaglen, the Editrix of the Caledon Strand!

Soon after, I went to the Realm of Fayandria, where I founded the Duhallow Quill. It was great fun and quite a lot of work to run a Medieval times newspaper. This enchanted land vanished when the King was killed in a great battle… It was published in three ways: Blog, Calameo (Vol. I / Vol. II) and IntelliBook.

The SL Chicago Herald was founded in (SL) 1920 by a dear friend, Miss Fayandria Foley and I. The newspaper had a bit of everything I had learned with my experience as a time traveller around in-World. It was only published online.

The Swing Timer was founded in (SL) 1942 by myself and Cpt. Paul Creighton. It mainly focused on the events, life and residents of Swing Times, a roleplay sim and community created by Cpt. Paul Creighton. It was only published online.

Retropolitan Magazine was the only vintage and retro publication in SL. Unfortunately it closed down in July 2013. I have had the privilege to write under Ms. Phi Mayo’s leadership from October 2012 until July 2013. Link to Retropolitan Magazine Archives.

I love to write, I confess… I love to express myself, my thoughts and ideas without stating them completely… I love describing characters developing them into real people with personality, feelings and emotions. I love creating settings offering the vision of a world you can live in through words. I love to play with the words and the way they come together as I write.
I love the way writing obligates me to concentrate… giving me a hobby and an escape from real life. Writing is my passion and one day I hope I will be able to publish a novel in RL.
Here’s a small sample of my writing… Hope you enjoy it.