Almost without Noticing

Old Italy Styling Collage1

Almost without noticing,
without thinking, it seems,
you’ve arrived where you see far.
Thirty years back, more, the path vanishes,
thirty years ahead, more, the path vanishes:
and you’re forced to sit down in your own shadow
to think.
mother of truth and myth,
tell how the terrain divided the stream.

Old Italy Styling Collage2
Styling Details:
– Fontaine Bustier by Ingenue
– Break Skirt in white by ::PM::
– Shoes: ::Delphine:: Lake by Ingenue
– Jewellery: Madame Royal – September Set by [Kouse~*~Singh]
– Bracelet: Shame Bracelet diamond by FINESMITH
– Hairstyle: /Wasabi Pills/ Alicia Mesh Hair
– Watch: 1920s ladies dress watch – white linen strap by Timelines
Almost without Noticing
Poem by Eira Stenberg

Never Say Goodbye…

Never Say Goodbye Styling1 sm
“Never say goodbye because goodbye
means going away
and going away means forgetting.”
~J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan~
Never Say Goodbye Styling2 sm

Styling Details:
Gown: [K~*~S] Kaitlyn Gown in Grape
Jewellery: FINESMITH NES Set in Amethyst
Hair: Vanity Hair Candice

Kouse Sanctum is one of my favourite shops for Medieval and Fantasy gowns. Lady Krystal is an amazing designer and a lovely person. I didn’t have the privilege to meet her closely but the few times I have had contact with her, she was always kind and generous. She made all ladies who wore her stunning gowns feel beautiful and charming.
After six years in Second Life, Kouse Sanctum will be closing doors on June 28th allowing Lady Krystal to focus on creating her jewellery.