SL Biography

I first heard about Second Life through a news’ report on television. They did quite an interesting cover about SL and it got me curious about it. A few days after, I decided to give it a try. It was almost ten years ago! It was such fun walking around SL like a duck eager to explore this virtual world and meet other residents. That was how I found Antiquity, Victorian themed sims and the first place I called home in SL. I spent quite a few years dedicated to historical role-play, from Victorian to Medieval and lately to 1920’s and 1940’s. I was the editor of small RP communities’ newspapers and I also collaborated as a journalist with the long gone SLNN, The Caledon Strand Magazine and the Retropolitan Magazine. In October 2012, I decided to completely change my SecondLife, gave up role-play and embraced a new career in modelling and consequently photography.

My interest in photography came in my early SL days but I never took it as seriously as I do now. I have always taken snapshots of special moments with friends, events or landscapes that caught my eye but I never even imagined that I would ever dedicate most of my time in SL to photography. When I started my SL modelling career and consequently my blog, I started to need photos on a daily basis: official photos, agency applications, contests, castings and illustrations for my posts and so on… Therefore, I had to take photography more seriously and to be truthful it turned out to be a natural process and as I evolved as a photographer during my studies at VISIONAIRE in 2014, I started to discover that I enjoyed photography more than I enjoyed modelling.

My daily inspiration is art and love… And I find it in the fashion and landscape designers’ work, in-World architect’s work, in my fellow photographers’ work… Real Life is definitely a source of inspiration, history as well. Inspiration exists everywhere and it is up to us to develop it by using our creativity and try to convert it in some form of art.

I am happy and fortunate to be doing something I love and I am thrilled because it is challenging on a daily basis and it is never the same. There is no routine, no repetition in photography. The light, the mood, the emotion given to a picture is never the same…

I have recently finished my studies with Zipi Levee, at VERSUS High Modelling Institute to further improve my photography and photoshop skills, especially to enhance my work on portraits, which is a fascinating area of photography.

I am currently editor of Kaleidos Magazine, editorial photographer of Kultivate Magazine and photographer for NuVibez Magazine, ICONIQ Fashion Agency and SL Fierce Magazine.

For  more details of my work in Second Life, visit to my Flickr stream