Photography Fees

Thank you for your interest in my work.

Below you will find my current fees.

_ Single Picture: 1.000L
_ Couple Picture: 1.750L
_ Landscape Pictures: 2.000L

I take photos on several locations in SL, depending on the theme of the session and/or at my studio.
I usually don’t take erotic or intimate pictures.
If you take a look at my Flickr stream, you can easily identify my style. If you want something that it is not there, it most certainly means I will not do it. Thank you for understanding.

When we set up a time for a shoot, please take in consideration the following:
_ Be on time – I will tolerate if you are 10 minutes late, we all have RL and unexpected things do happen. After those 10 minutes, I will consider the session cancelled.
_ Be prepared – Be ready on time and if you have several outfits to shoot, have them in a folder so you can easily change.

_ 50% on the photography shoot session
_ 50% upon receiving the final photography

My Flickr Stream: