Anouk… Where does the time go? Like perfume in a bottle, however tight the seal, evaporating so slyly that, when you open it to look, all you find is a scented smear where once there was enough to spare…
How are you my little Anouk? What’s happening in your strange little world? Are you happy? Restless? Content? How many more of these days will we have before you leave my orbit for good, shooting away like a rogue satellite, vanishing into the stars?
~Joanne Harris, Peaches for Monsieur Le Curé~

Styling Details:
– Gown: Anouk Peppermint by }Romance Couture{ – New release
– Jewellery: Czarina Peacock – Aqua Opal by Zuri Rayna~ – New release
– Bracelet: Czarina Peacock Bracelet-Aqua Opal by Zuri Rayna~ – New release
– Hairstyle: * JUDITH * by .:EMO-tions:.

I confess I am particularly happy and honoured to be doing this post… Words will never be enough to express my appreciation: Eles, owner and designer of Romance Couture, named a gown after me. Thank you so much, dear Eles, for your consideration. I am truly honoured and touched.

Location: Chouchou

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