Twice as pretty…

Clever as the Devil and twice as pretty.
~Holly Black~

Twice as pretty2

Styling Details:
– Shape: Anouk by ::SHAPES BY SHAZ::
– Lingerie: Rachelle: Jade Green Satin Bustier Set by ~Blacklace~
– Necklace: Bombshell Beads – Onyx by (Yummy) – Available @ Collabor 8 8
– Earrings: Work Pearls – Black by (Yummy)
– Hairstyle: Thelma by TRUTH HAIR – Available @ Collabor 8 8

Rachelle is a new set released by ~Blacklace~, which is composed by a short, laced-front top with matching lacy bra and panties. It came out in 9 colours and appliers for Phat/Cute Azz are included.

Anouk Shape was custom made by my dear friend, Shaz Valentine, a fellow blogger, stylist & aspiring model and shapes designer. I asked her to help me create a pin-up shape for a contest I am entering. This shape was a team effort since Shazzy made the body and I made the face. Anouk Shape will soon be available at ::SHAPES BY SHAZ:: mainstore! Thank you so much, dear Shazzy!

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