The colour of my mind

I have dreamt in my life, dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they have gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind. And this is one: I’m going to tell it – but take care not to smile at any part of it.
~Emily Brontë~

Photo One Styling Details:
– Gown & Neckpiece: Exhale by !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! – Exclusive for Miss Fashion 2014
– Earrings: Merriweather Diamond by Paper.Couture;
– Hairstyle: Carol by Amacci Hair

Photo Two Styling Details:
– Gown & Hood: Tribute to Mozzillo by [AD] – Exclusive for Miss Fashion 2014
– Necklace & Bracelet: Antique Silver Pearl/Diamond/Platinum by Zuri Rayna~

Tribute to Mozzillo by [AD] and Exhale gown by !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! are inspired by Angelo Mozzillo. Both gowns were exclusively created for the Miss Fashion 2014 competition and are available in a shop specially reserved to all the designs showcased in Miss Fashion.

Miss Fashion 2014 is a contest organized and promoted by K.V. Dream Fashion Agency and the exclusive shop is located at KV Dream sim.

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