Do you think amethysts can be the souls of good violets?
~L.M. Montgomery~


Styling Details:
– Gown: Mikka ~ by !:Lybra:!
– Jewellery: Symphony Crystal V2~Amethyst/Onyx/Sterling by Zuri Rayna Jewelry – New release
– Hairstyle: “Miu” by “”D!va”” Hair
– Furniture: 1 Prim Piano w/Shadows by PrimPossible

Symphony Collection is the latest release by Zuri Rayna. As always group members get a 25% refund (after purchase) on the first and second floors only when wearing the group tag.

!:Lybra:! Designs in-World Locations:
!:Lybra:! Flagship Store
Lybra at Madison Bay
Lybra @ GALLERIA at Frank’s
Lybra @ Bogart’s Jazz Club and Shops
Lybra at Salimar

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