…never unfashionable…

Dresses that are truly beautiful are never unfashionable.
~Elsa Schiaparelli~

never unfashionable1

Styling Details:
– Dress: Elsa Schiaparelli by [AMARELO MANGA] – Exclusive for Miss Fashion 2014
– Bangles: Kos in gold by Maxi Gossamer
– Hairstyle: *Dura-Girl*31

never unfashionable2

This stunning dress by Amarelo Manga is inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli. It was exclusively created for Miss Fashion 2014 competition and it is sold in a shop specially reserved to all the dresses showcased in Miss Fashion.

Miss Fashion 2014 is a contest organized and promoted by K.V. Dream Fashion Agency and the exclusive shop is located at KV Dream sim.