Spotlight: Marta Gabardini

The Spotlight Column tends to introduce interesting, remarkable and famous or not Second Life residents. The questionnaire is almost the same and what makes each interview unique is the subject’s answers and reactions.

This month Marta Gabardini is under the Spotlight. Marta is a keen and creative photographer. She dedicates her photography to portraits, fashion and artistic. Her work is currently on display at an exhibition at The Gallery, a Vintage Club located in SOHO. You can also visit her flickr portfolio following this link.


Glitz & Glamour: What brought you to SL?
Marta Gabardini: I have heard about SL from few difference sources, like TV, magazines and few friends, so I decided to try it. I thought it would be for a while, well, that while lasts since 6 years already…

G&G: What do you enjoy most about SL?
MG: I enjoy exploring, especially love to visit sims with great graphics where you stare with open mouth and can’t believe that a human mind could have create it all. Other than that, I am a typical woman who can spend a whole day choosing a new pair of shoes or new earrings. I do pay attention at details.

G&G: You are a photographer. What interests you most about photography in SL?
MG: I like playing with the light, shadow and the depth. My viewer allows me to play with dept of field which I find simply brilliant.

G&G: And what or who inspires you when you make an artistic photograph?
MG: It depends, sometimes is a special moment I recall or a feeling I have experienced in the past; some other time it might be a painting I saw or a song I have heard.


G&G: Which photograph or photographs are you most proud of?
MG: I am very proud of one of my first photograph, it shows a laying naked woman with messy hair, I find it very expressive.

G&G: If you had to begin again, would you still become a photographer in SL?
MG: Oh definitely yes!

G&G: What was your proudest moment in SL so far?
MG: Every time i satisfy my customer i feel proud of myself. The biggest satisfaction is when they say that they would never expect that they can look so good like on my picture. Such words give you an extra power!

G&G: If you were granted 3 wishes… what would those be?
MG: I believe my wishes would be…
One: I wish to increase the length of the day to 30 hours, I sleep far too little.
Two: I wish I would be able to smell fragrances in SL.
Three: Sometimes I wish I could use TP in RL!

Photographs Courtesy of Marta Gabardini