♕ Miss Fashion 2014 ♕

♕ Miss Fashion 2014 ♕


K.V. Dream Fashion Agency is glad to announce the opening of enrolment to Miss Fashion 2014.

This years the contest is inspired by Real Fashion and its history. The contest is open to professional female models and clothes designers. It is also open to models and designers who joined the past edition too, with the exception of the winners.

The models challenges will be held simultaneously with the designers challenges, but there will be competing currencies: voting will be divided by category. This means that the models votes will not be added to the designers votes, as opposed to last year.

Who does not love to compete (or can’t join as competitor as they don’t make dresses), can support the event as official sponsors. Please follow the links below to know the Rules.

SPONSORS RULES: http://kvdreamfashion.wordpress.com/149-2/#sponsors

DESIGNERS RULES: http://kvdreamfashion.wordpress.com/149-2/#designers

MODELS RULES: http://kvdreamfashion.wordpress.com/149-2/#models

For Further information, visit:
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