Bitter. Sweet. Alive.

Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart.
Bitter. Sweet. Alive.
~Joanne Harris, Chocolat~

Shopping for Cupcakes2

Styling Details:
– Dress: Sequoia Green by Immerse – Exclusive release in green for the 69th collection of the Designer Circle
– Stockings: Basic Color Tights in coffee by *GF*
– Boots: Fowler Laced- Up Boots in BONE by ::BB::
– Scarf: Snoods in Nans by *League* – Gift at the Mainstore
– Watch and Bracelets: *FEMALE SITEN NOAH watch&bracelet in silver by [MANDALA]
– Hairstyle: by Excess

Immerse is participating in the the 69th collection of the Designer Circle with an exclusive colour release of the Sequoia dress in green. This round of the Designer Circle will run until 28 December 2013.