«Optimistic Little Poem»|Love Donna Flora


Due to her health condition in RL, Squinternet Larnia moved Donna Flora from the lovely and romantic store in Bonin to a new and more contemporary style shop in Florencio.
On July 25th – August 24th, the Love Donna Flora event will take place to help raise funds to pay for the alternative therapies and home nursing that she needs to keep fighting cancer. Follow this link, to learn more about Love Donna Flora and find out how you can support the event & fundraising. You can explore the web site; there are stories and a place for people to send messages.

Of course, not everyone can afford to donate and not everyone is comfortable with personal fundraisers which is understandable. The struggle against cancer requires money, but it also requires hope and love.
Therefore, everyone can help with hope and love by lifting Squinternet Larnia spirits and remind her that she is loved by sending her a message and sharing your hope and concern.
Love Donna Flora Styling Collage

Now and then it happens
that somebody shouts for help
and somebody else jumps in at once
and absolutely gratis.

Here in the thick of the grossest capitalism
round the corner comes the shining fire brigade
and extinguishes, or suddenly
there’s silver in the beggar’s hat.
Mornings the streets are full
of people hurrying here and there without
daggers in their hands, quite equably
after milk or radishes.
As though in a time of deepest peace.
A splendid sight.
Love Donna Flora Styling1
Styling Details:
– Dress: VALE by Donna Flora
– Jewellery Set: ANASTACIA set by Donna Flora
– Shoes: [e] Move Pumps
– Bracelet: Shame Bracelet diamond by FINESMITH
– Watch: 1920s ladies dress watch – white linen strap by Timelines
– Hairstyle: /Wasabi Pills/ Alicia Mesh Hair
Optimistic Little Poem
By Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Location: Bonin

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